Panel Products - Medium Density F/b

Product Code Description Image *
MDF241203KS Mdf Kronolaq U515 Sand 1 Side 2440x1220x 3mm Mdf Kronolaq U515 Sand 1 Side 2440x1220x 3mm
MDF241203KW Mdf Kronolaq White 1 Side 2440x1220x 3mm Mdf Kronolaq White 1 Side 2440x1220x 3mm
MDF241206K Kronospan Mdf 2440x1220x 6mm
MDF241209K Kronospan Mdf 2440x1220x 9mm
MDF241212K Kronospan Mdf 2440x1220x12mm
MDF241215K Kronospan Mdf 2440x1220x15mm
MDF241218K Kronospan Mdf 2440x1220x18mm
MDF241222K Kronospan Mdf 2440x1220x22mm
MDF241225K Kronospan Mdf 2440x1220x25mm
MDF241238K Kronospan Mdf 2440x1220x38mm
MDF241818K Kronospan Mdf 2440x1830x18mm
MDF262018K Kronospan Mdf 2620x2070x18mm
MDF301209K Kronospan Mdf 3050x1220x 9mm
MDF301215K Kronospan Mdf 3050x1220x15mm
MDF301218K Kronospan Mdf 3050x1220x18mm
MDF301222K Kronospan Mdf 3050x1220x22mm
MDF301222M Medite Mdf Industrial 3050x1220x22mm
MDF301222MMR Medite Mdf 313 Mr 3050x1220x22mm
MDF301225K Kronospan Mdf 3050x1220x25mm
MDF301238K Kronospan Mdf 3050x1220x38mm
MDF301238KMR Kronospan Mdf Mr V313 3050x1220x38mm
MDF441218KMR Kronospan Mdf V313 Mr 4400x1220x18mm
MFMDF262018PW Mf Mdf 1s (krono) D354 Peachwood 2620x2070x18mm

* Please use the images on this website as a guideline only, as colours may not be an exact match to that of the product. Contact any of our sales team to request samples or alternatively visit one of our branches.

About IJK Timber

IJK Timber Group Ltd comprises of three companies, Irvin & Sellers, Keizer Venesta and Northern Hardwood Ltd. We operate from two sites in Northern Ireland and offer a comprehensive range of panel products, softwoods and hardwoods.
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What We Do

IJK Timber Group specialises in the distribution and supply of decorative and constructional panel product, to furniture manufactures, shop fitters and joinery workshops. In addition, the company also stocks a wide range of Hardwoods and Softwoods, including our own decorative mouldings.