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Product Code Description Image *
SINKCB33 Combo Sink/aux.bowl/drainer Basket/ch.bd Cb-33
SINKEKO1K Eko Line Waste Unit Eko-1k 1x21litre
SINKEKO2-2 Eko Line Waste Unit Eko 2-2 4x10litre
SINKEKO2PK Eko Line Waste Unit Eko-2pk 2x10litre
SINKEKO2SK Eko Line Waste Unit Eko-2sk 1x16 1x21ltr
SINKEKO3SK Eko Line Waste Unit Eko-3sk 2x10 1x16ltr
SINKEKOC6-2SK Eko Combo W/unit Eko C6-2sk 1x16 1x21ltr
SINKEKOC6-3SK Eko Combo W/unit Eko C6-3sk 2x10 1x16ltr
SINKKF120L Curvy Module Lefthand 11/2 Bowls Kf-120-l
SINKKF120R Curvy Module Righthand 11/2 Bowls Kf-120-r
SINKM33L Combo Lh Module/aux.bowl/drainer/ch Bd M-33-l
SINKM4328L Swing Lh Module/drainer Basket/ch Board M-43-28-l
SINKM4328R Swing Rh Module/drainer Basket/ch Board M-43-28-r
SINKML40 Jazz Sink/single Bowl/drainer Ml-40
SINKML4017 Jazz Sink/large & Small Bowl/drainer Ml-40-17
SINKP-18U Oval Undermount Bowl Bktstrainer Waste P-17u
SINKP-40-40 Two Large Bowls P-40-40
SINKP18 Oval Bowl Basket Strainer Waste P-17pt
SINKP40 Square Bowl Basket Strainer Waste P-40pt
SINKP40U Square Undermount Bowl Bktstrainer Waste P40u
SINKSTALA11 Pop-up Waste For Sw43-17,sw-43
SINKSTALA13 Pop-up Waste For Sw43-28,m43-28 K120r/l
SINKSTALA15 Pop-up Waste For Cb33,m-33r/l
SINKSW43 Swing Solo Sink/single Bowl Drainer Sw-43
SINKSW4317 Swing Quattro Sink.1.25bowls/drainer Sw-43-17
SINKSW4328 Swing Demi Sink/1.5 Bowls/drainer Sw-43-28
SINKTHCOVER Stala Sinks Tap Hole Cover
SINKTO3260 Round Bowl Basket Strainer Waste T-38pt
SINKTO3260U Rounder Undermount Bowl Bkstrainer Waste To3260u
SINKTO3261 Round Bowl S/steel Drainer To3261
SINKUCLIP Clips For Undermount Sinks
SINKW1127 Waste Kit For Round Sink
SINKY1221 Stainless Steel Draining Tray Y1221
SINKY1225 Plastic Rinsing Bowl For Jazz Ml4017 Y-1225
SINKY1228 Rinsing Bowl For Swing Range Y-1228
SINKY1233 Stala Door Mechanism Y-1233
SINKY1234 Stala Door Mechanism Y-1234
SINKY1240 Stala Bio Filter Upgrading Kit Y-1240
SINKY1255 Chopping Board For Swing Range Y-1255
SINKY1301 Chopping Board For Combo (stala) Y-1301
SINKY1302 Separate Drainer For Combo Xl Sink Y-1302

* Please use the images on this website as a guideline only, as colours may not be an exact match to that of the product. Contact any of our sales team to request samples or alternatively visit one of our branches.

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