Hardwood - Machined Sapele

Product Code Description Image *
MSAP017050PAR 017x050 Mahogany 012x044 Se
MSAP017075MLD 017x075 Mahogany Moulded 012x069
MSAP017100MLD 017x100 Mahogany Moulded 012x094
MSAP017115PAR 017x115 Mahogany Kd 012x100 Par
MSAP017150D/SAD 017x150 Mahogany D/saddle 12x144
MSAP025075MLD 025.4x076.2 Mahogany Kd Moulded 019x069
MSAP025100MLD 025.4x102 Mahogany Kd Moulded 019x094
MSAP025125MLD 025.4x127 Mahogany Kd Moulded 019x119
MSAP025150D/SAD 025.4x152 Mahogany Kd Door Saddle 019x144
MSAP025150MLD 025.4x152 Mahogany Kd Moulded 019x144
MSAP025175NOSR 025.4x178 Mahogany Kd Nosed & Rebated 019x169
MSAP025200NOSR 025.4x203 Mahogany Kd Nosed & Rebated 019x194
MSAP063100ODF 063.5x102 Mahogany Kd 057x094 Odf

* Please use the images on this website as a guideline only, as colours may not be an exact match to that of the product. Contact any of our sales team to request samples or alternatively visit one of our branches.

About IJK Timber

IJK Timber Group Ltd comprises of three companies, Irvin & Sellers, Keizer Venesta and Northern Hardwood Ltd. We operate from two sites in Northern Ireland and offer a comprehensive range of panel products, softwoods and hardwoods.
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What We Do

IJK Timber Group specialises in the distribution and supply of decorative and constructional panel product, to furniture manufactures, shop fitters and joinery workshops. In addition, the company also stocks a wide range of Hardwoods and Softwoods, including our own decorative mouldings.